Shefqet Meda

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Country: Albania
Email: shefqet[at]
Facebook: link=Shefqet.Meda   [Shefqet.Meda Shefqet Meda]
LinkedIn: link=shefqet-meda   [shefqet-meda Shefqet Meda]

Shefqet Meda is the Technical Director at Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP), Albania.[1]

Shefqet is a member of Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC),[2] and is also a member of the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group.[3]

Mr. Meda is a Founding Member of the ISOC Chapter of Albania.[4]

He has received Fellowships to participate in the ICANN conferences in Silicon Valley,[5] Brussels,[6] and Sydney.[7]


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