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Country: USA
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Sheri Falco is the General Counsel at ICM Registry and Secretary of the Board of Directors at International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR). At ICM, she is responsible for Corporate Legal Strategies and Compliance.[1]

Sheri is a member of ICANN's Registry Stakeholder Group.[2]

Career History

Ms. Falco has been a part of ICM Registry since July 2011, and a part of IFFOR since November 2011.[3] From 2003-2011, she served as the Associate General Counsel at WP. In 1999, she co-founded Bedrock Inc., where she served as the President and the General Counsel until 2002. She owned and operated a private intellectual property practice from 1996-1999 called as Law Offices of Sheri Lyn Falco.[4] She was also an adjunct professor on Internet Law and Consumer Protection Issues at Widener University from 2004-2007.[5]

Having worked on the infamous case, Sheri was one of the first pioneers to make an effort in ensuring that domain names were considered intellectual property. She has also worked on several business development projects that included some big name corporations such as Microsoft and Yahoo!.[6]

She was admitted to Floria Bar in 2003 and to California Bar in 1996.[7]


Ms. Sheri holds a BA in International Political Science from University of North Carolina and JD from American University's Washington College of Law.[8]