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Affiliation: UNDP
Country: Egypt
Email: sherif.el.tokali [at]
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Sherif (Yehia) El Tokali is an Assistant Resident Representative[1]/Poverty Reduction, MDGs and Private Sector Team Leader[2] at UNDP (the United Nations Development Programme).

Career History

Previously he was an ICT4D/SSC specialist and GKP MENA Regional Co-ordinator[3] at the UNDP, Egypt. He was responsible for the Egypt ICT Trust fund, as well as other ICT development projects. He also did work with South-South Cooperation (SSC) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD).[4]

Mr. Tokali joined the UNDP in 1991.

Meetings and Conferences

Mr. Tokali is a regular speaker at meetings and conferences related to Internet, Health and Overall Development of countries. He conducted the opening ceremony for Telecentre Leaders Forum – Arab Mushreq Region in 2009.[5]

He also spoke at:

  • IGF Workshop, Developing a Policy Understanding on Information Security: Glocal (Global and Local) Perspective.[6]
  • eAsia 2007[7]
  • eAsia 2009[8]
  • eAgriculture India 2010 Agenda
  • Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 2010.[9]
  • eWorld forum conference in 2011.[10]
  • The Asia-Pacific e-Gov Forum: Harnessing ICTs for more Efficient, Inclusive and Transparent Governance.[11]


El Tokali also holds an MBA in Information Systems from the Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands and a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Cairo University, Egypt.[12]


He is the co-author of


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