Sogand Ghorbani

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Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Region: Asia
Country: Iran
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @SogandGH88

Career History

Sogand Ghorbani had worked voluntarily as an English and Mathematics teacher in an NGO for 7 years. She was also a front-end developer for a year and after finishing her study has joined a computer software company named Rojina Computer Ltd. She had been a research and document manager with having different tasks to handle such as: Translating contents from English to Persian and reverse. And being the only responsible person for developing documents about IG under a mutual agreement of the company with the ICT's Minister of Iran for consultation regarding International Relations especially with ICANN. Developing Business Proposals and Plans were two other tasks of her as well as writing different SLAs for the company.

Currently, She has stopped working as a full-time employer to have more time to learn about the topics of her interests.

ICANN & Internet Governance Involvement

Sogand has participated in two ICANN meetings (ICANN55 & 58). She has joined the MEAC-SWG group in Feb2017 and contributed to regional research about E-Friction and the main reasons for its existence in the Middle East. She also has got a fellowship to attend MEAC-SIG-2017 as well as ICANN's fellowship for ICANN 60 Abu Dhabi.

In Iran, with the help of Mahdi Taghizadeh (an active Iranian IG member), they created a small group of people for enriching Persian content about Internet Governance and started with translating ICANN-WIKI to Farsi. She is also a member of IRNOG.


She has got her Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.) in Iran and moved to Malaysia to continue her study in the field of Information Security and after two years has been graduated with her Master's degree in IS from the University of Technology Malaysia in Jan 2014.