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John Colascione

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|caricature=John ColascioneComing1.png
|organization=Searchen Networks Inc.
|jobtitle=Chief Executive Officer
|region=North America
|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
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John Colascione is Chief Executive Officer of Searchen Networks Inc., Long Island Media Inc., and Internet Advertising Inc., and specializes in E-Business Consultation, Optimization, Maximizing Revenue, Website Monetization, Internet Domain Names, Hosting, Search Engine Algorithms, Marketing and Management.
==Career History==
Searchen Networks Inc.
Long Island Exchange Inc. (Merger 2014)
Long Island Media Inc.
Internet Advertising Inc

==ICANN and Internet Governance Participation==
Colascione serves as a voting member of the ICANN Business [[Constituency]] (BC) and general member of the Internet Commerce Association.

Colascione participated, but did not receive certification for, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer coarse-work at Hendricks Institute of Technology.

Mastering Your Website: Insider's Guide to Fully Understanding Your Website, Search Engine Optimization and Building Your Brand

Internet, Best Website of the Year, Long Island Ad Club
Internet, News and Media, Long Island Ad Club
Internet, Independent, Long Island Ad Club

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