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Judith Hellerstein

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Since the mid-2000s, Judith has worked with numerous countries around the world on developing new [[ICT]] and e-government laws, reviewing and amending old laws, developing [[ICT]] policies, and providing regulatory and policy capacity building.<ref name="linkedin">[ Judith Hellerstein,]</ref> She has also attended several [[IGF's]] and is on the steering committee of the IGF USA.
[[ICANN 50]] was her first ICANN where she participated in Atlas II. In late 2014 she was elected as Vice Chair of NARALO and in 2015 he was elected as Secretariat in 2015 until October 2017. She attended [[ICANN 52]] in Singapore in her capacity as Vice-Chair of NARALO and Acting Secretariat. She is an active member of the Cross Community Working Group of Internet Governance, Cross Community Working Group on Auction Proceeds, ALAC Selection Committee, Sub Committee for CROP-RT, the Standing Committee of Finance and budget Budget and the Cross Community Committee on Accessibility. Her past Committee positions were the CWG Selection Committee Member, Public Interest Working Group, At Large Capacity Working Group.
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