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Amath Soumare

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|portrait = AmathSoumarePortrait.JPG|caricature = AmathSoumareCaricature.jpg|affiliation= Keyword Technologies|country = France|email = asoumare [at]|website = []|twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Amath Soumare]|portrait=AmathSoumarePortrait.JPG|caricature=AmathSoumareCaricature.jpg
'''Amath Soumare''' is the Founder and CEO of [[Keyword Technologies]], and the President of [[CANE]] (Centre Africain de la Nouvelle Economie).<ref name="linkedin">[ Amath Soumare, Updated 2015 June 8.]</ref> He also is involved with Promo Consulting, and acted as the Project Manager for [[ICANN 42]] in Dakar.<ref>[[ICANN 42]] Interview</ref>

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