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Philippe Batreau

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|portrait = PhilippeBatreauPortrait.png|caricature = PhilippeBatreauCaricature.jpg|affiliation = EPISTROPHE COTE D'IVOIRE|born = France|country = France|email = pbatreau [at]|website = [ Epistrophe CI]|blog = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Philippe Batreau]|userbox portrait=PhilippeBatreauPortrait.png|caricature=PhilippeBatreauCaricature.jpg|born= France
'''Philippe Batreau''' is the CEO of [[EPISTROPHE COTE D'IVOIRE]], a [[Registrar]] for [[.ci]], a [[CcTLD]] for Cote D'Ivoire. The agency also focuses on hosting, SEO marketing and consulting.
==ICANN & Internet Governance Related Activities==
Batreau has attended 2-3 [[ICANN Meetings]]. Outside of [[ICANN]], he is involved with [[ISOC]]'s French chapter, as well as the [[IGF]], [[WSIS]] and ICANN's [[AFRALO]].

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