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Jhon Caballero Martinez

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|jobtitle=Law Student
|portrait=Jhon Caballero MartinezPortrait.jpg
|caricature=Jhon Caballero MartinezComing1.jpg
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'''Jhon Caballero Martinez''' is a law student in degree process of the Universidad Externado de Colombia. He works in tech law and intellectual property. He has studied copyright and author rights, human rights, Internet Governance and transportation law. He was a Fellow of the [[South School on Internet Governance|South School on Internet Governanc]]<nowiki/>e (SSIG 2016), YouthLACIGF1, [[LACIGF]]9, the Youth@IGF 2016 program of the Internet Society and [[NextGen@ICANN|NextGen]] in [[ICANN62]].

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