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Markus Eggensperger

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|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg
|affiliation = united-domains AG
|born = Germany
|country = Germany
|website = []
|facebook = [ markus.eggensperger1]
|linkedin = [ markus-eggensperger]
'''Markus Eggensperger''' is one General Counsel and co-founder of the founders and the Legal Counsel at [[United_Domains | united-domains]] AG. He is a member of [[EURid]] Advisory Board<ref>[ Advisory Board]</ref> and represents united-domains at some international meetings like [[ICANN_Studienkreis | ICANN Studienkreis]].<ref>[ ICANN Studienkreis]</ref>and he was a member of [[EURid]] Registrar Advisory Board<ref>[ Advisory Board]</ref>.
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