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Sebastien Almiron

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|Professional email=sebastien.almiron[at]}}'''Sébastien Almiron''' is now the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of [[NETIM]] and [[FranceDNS]]
== Past experiences ==
* Digital Marketing & Strategy Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Lecturer | Trainer | Domain Name Expert at [[Almiron Consulting]] (2017 to 2019)
* Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at [[OVH SAS|OVH]] (2014 to 2017)
* Sales Manager at [[SafeBrands (ex-Mailclub)|SafeBrands]] (2005 to 2014)
* [[ICANN 54|ICANN54 - Dublin]]
* [[ICANN 50 - London|ICANN50 - London]]
* [[ICANN 44|ICANN44 - Prague]] He first joined the company in May 2005.
At SafeBrands, he provides advice to domain names managers of the largest French and international companies in their global naming strategy and I develop with them their naming policy.<ref name="linkedin">[http / Sébastien Almiron],</ref>
As of [[ICANN 50]] in London, Sébastien Almiron had been to over two [[ICANN]] conferences, as well as [[IGF]].<ref name="intake">ICANNWiki Interview, ICANN50, July 2014.</ref>[[ICANN 50 - London]]

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