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Technical Liaison Group

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* The International Telecommunications Union’s ([[ITU]]) Telecommunication Standardization Sector ([[ITU-T]]).
Each group elects a maximum of two representatives to serve in the TLG, who are responsible for decided how and where to direct a technical question from ICANN. These individuals are technical experts, and must be present when necessary. The current  ===Current representatives are:===
* [[Christian Toche]] (<abbr>ETSI</abbr>)
* [[Tim Wicinski]] (<abbr>IAB</abbr>)
One representative from the TLG is elected to serve as a Non-Voting Liaison to the [[ICANN Board]]. For 2011, this is Reinhard Scholl. A representative is also chosen annually to be a voting delegate for the [[Nominating Committee]]. These representatives are chosen rotationally: the rotation order for the Board liaison is ETSI, ITU-T, W3C, and the rotation order for the NomCom delegate is W3C, ETSI, and ITU-T. The IAB does not participate in the rotation, as the IETF otherwise appoints representatives to both structures.<ref>[ ICANN Structure: TLG]</ref><ref>[ ICANN Bylaws]</ref>
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