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Clement Genty

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= Positions =
== Delegation of ccTLD ==
== Prices of TLD ==
== Trust on the Internet ==
== Knowledge of the Internet Governance ==
For Genty, the creation of [[Generic top-level domain|gTLD]]<nowiki/>s, combined with the creation of [[Country code top-level domain|ccTLD]]<nowiki/>s, has created a digital economy based on the volume of domain name registrations. Companies, as well as countries, when managing their ccTLDs, have preferred to develop a new source of profits rather than use their TLD to structure the national namespace. The examples, mostly Polynesian, point out that the low development of the Internet in the era of ccTLDs made it possible not to worry about the importance of this digital territory.
Genty's research makes it possible to define on the example of medical questions, that the young people classify Internet sites according to their extensions, that in .GOUV.FR, the French equivalent of [[.gov|.GOV]], being the most credible.
= Career History =

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