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I began working for Government since 1995. I joined the ICT unit in 1997 when it was only a Computer Advisor post then, held by a US Peace Corps, Ms. Diane Khonert. The ICT Department now has ten staff and oversees all ICT services of Government, including Regulatory functions of the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

I have participated in numerous trainings and workshops over the years and was part of the ICB4PAC Project that addressed wide ICT developments like ICT Policies, Regulations, Cybercrime, Universal Access etc.
We are near implementing our ICT Policy and Standardization Policy. There is also an E-Government initiative that has begun various phases.

We are also currently working on ascertaining a submarine cable for Tuvalu with World Bank funding.
Socially, I play all sports, more so tennis in my now older self. Am married with four kids.

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