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Atsushi Endo

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Atsushi is long time participant of ICANN community. His first participation for ICANN meeting was ICANN 32 in Paris on 2008. He joined ccNSO Strategic and Operational Working Group(SOPWG) on 2010. When his main role at JPRS shifted to new gTLD related activity on 2012, he once resigned the WG member, however, he joins again ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC) on 2019.<ref>[ ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee]</ref>
Atsushi Endo is Principal Contact of JPRS for [[Registries Stakehokder Group]] since 2012.<ref>[ RySG Membership Roster]</ref> Atsushi acted as the co-chair of the AP Retreat Meeting in Tokyo held in January 2006.<ref>[ AP Retreat in Tokyo]</ref> He has also been involved in "Internet Next Generation" activities in the Asia Pacific Region; including his role as the of vice-chair of the 5th Asia Pacific Next Generation Camp, which was hosted by [[APNG]], the Asia Pacific Networking Group, in 2004.

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