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Sedo has a number of services for the registries created through [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]:
* Premium List Identification and Pricing Assistance - Sedo will help applicants identify which domains are going to be the most attractive to the target audience and price them appropriately. Sedo uses more than 13 20 years of [ sales data] covering all traded TLDs, as well as multiple external sources, to create a premium reserve list of domains likely to command the highest sales values.
* Premium Domain Auctions - a neutral, safe platform for multiple applicants with marketing support and promotion to attract buyers and revenue for your premium domains.
* Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Auctions - Sedo provides multiple-language auction services for both premium auctions and those related to the [[Sunrise Period]]s and [[Landrush Period]]s.

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