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ICANN Empowered Community

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Empowered Community Powers
== Empowered Community Powers ==
I. # Appoint and remove individual Directors (other than the President);
II. # Recall the entire Board;
III. # Reject ICANN Budgets, IANA Budgets, Operating Plans and Strategic Plans;
IV. # Reject Standard Bylaw Amendments;
V. # Approve Fundamental Bylaw Amendments, Articles Amendments and Asset Sales;
VI. # Reject Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Governance Actions
VII. # Require the ICANN Board to re-review its rejection of IANA Function Review (IFR) Recommendation Decisions, Special IFR Recommendation Decisions, Separation Cross-Community Working Group (SCWG) Creation Decisions and SCWG Recommendation Decisions;
VIII. # Initiate a Community Reconsideration Request, mediation or a Community Independent Review Process (IRP);and
IX. # Take necessary and appropriate action to enforce its powers and rights, including through the various procedures provided within the community mechanism or an action filed in a court of competent jurisdiction.
==Empowered Community Administration==

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