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John Levine

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 '''John R. Levine''', best known as the author of "The Internet for Dummies,", writes, speaks, and consults on the Internet, electronic mail, cybersecurity, and related topics. He has been a member of the ICANN [[Security and Stability Advisory Committee]] since 2017, was a member of the [[ICANN]] 's [[ALAC]]from 2005 to 2007, and is of the 2015 ICANN Nominating Committee. He was on the [[.MOBImobi]] Policy Advisory Board.<ref>[ John Levine]</ref>
Levine consults for multiple clients on Internet and e-mail topics. Past clients have included [[Orbitz]] and [[Industry Canada]].
He speaks to many trade, policy, and general groups. He's spoken at the Federal Trade Commission spam forum, the International Telecommunications Union thematic meeting on spam, and the Internet Law and Policy Forum as well as to CBS television, Minnesota Power, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Alex. Brown &: Sons, [[Hewlett -Packard]] Mexico, and [[IBM]] Canada.
He's also served as an expert witness in civil and criminal legal action, including the October 2004 trial of Jeremy Jaynes, convicted of criminal spamming, and Field vs. Google in 2006.
==Career History==
* Board member and corporate secretary of the [[Internet Society]], 2016 - Present
* Senior Technical Advisor of Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group, 2005 - Present.
* The Chair of the Internet Research Task Force's Anti-Spam Research Group ([[ASRG]]), 2003- Present2011.
* President of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, 2008- Present.
* Moderator of the comp.compilers [[usenet]] group, 1986- Present.
* Co-founder of the [[Domain Assurance Council]], 2006- Present2010.
* Partner in Blackvine Consulting, G.P., 2005 - 2007.
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