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Pietro Sicuro

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'''Pietro Sicuro''' is the Director of the Institut Francophone des Technologies de l'Information et de la Formation ([[INTIF]]) , and the Administrator of the Fonds francophones Francophones des Inforoutes of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. <ref>[ LinkedIn Profile]</ref>
==Professional Activities==
One of the most important activities that Mr. Sicuro performs consists in of coordinating the level of contribution that the Francophone brings on the implementation of the Information Society (between INTIF and [[ISOC]]). He also represents it within the organization on various international boards and at conferences.<ref>[ Global Alliance for ICT and Development]</ref>
==Past Experiences==
Prior to being a part of INTIF, Mr. Sicuro achieved several notable experiences, among which:
* Telefilm Canada - Senior Advisor in the Policies and International Co-productions Department
* Cultural Industries and Communications Quebec - Special Advisor
* Department of Communications of Quebec - Associate Deputy Minister<ref>[ Global Alliance - Speakers profile]</ref>

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