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Rick Schwartz

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* - $1.3M
* to CNN - $750K<ref>[]</ref>
Mr. Schwartz became involved in a high-profile lawsuit and counter-suit when Lilly Industries Inc., claimed that his address violated their trademark Goof Off paint remover. Rick was informed by [[Network Soultions]] that Lilly had filed a dispute on the namespace and that he would have to litigate or face his site being placed on hold. At that time, the site was running as a travel and entertainment portal. He saw this as another example of "Fortune 500 Bullies" using their financial resources to push small business owners away from legitimately acquired and retained domains.<ref>[ eRealEstate]</ref> A visit to today shows that the site remains in Rick's hands, and that he apparently bested a corporate giant.<ref>[]</ref>
* Domainer of the Year, 2005
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