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Rick Schwartz

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* to CNN - $750K<ref>[]</ref>
On October 20 - 23, 2004, the first [[T.R.A.F.F.I.C]]. conference took place in Delray Beach, Florida; it was the first major trade show specifically aimed at the [[domaining]] industry.<ref>[ DNJournal]</ref> Rick co-founded the event with his longtime lawyer, and domaining attorney, [[Howard Neu]]. The conferences provide domaining forums, workshops, and obvious networking opportunities. The inaugural event counted some 125 attendees, by the next year this number was more than doubled to 300.<ref>[]</ref> The conference has since been held in both an East coast and West coast format, wherein a meeting takes place on each U.S. coast during the same year. It has travelled the world, going to Amsterdam and Australia in addition to a U.S. event; and it continues to go new places and be held at least once a year.<ref>[]</ref> The shows are not intended for day-domainers, but aim to help those that consider domaining their profession a chance to learn and meet with other successful [[domainer]]s.<ref>[]</ref>

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