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==NIDA and ICANN==
In 2008, NIDA expressed its position to [[ICANN ]] regarding the implementation of IDN TLDs. According to the organiztion, the implementation of [[IDN TLDs ]] [[TLD]]s will serve as a turning point in the history of internet Internet and it is important to ensure the stability of the internet Internet throughout the process; therefore , localization should not be overlooked and the community language should be considered one of pre-requisites in the application for IDN TLD.NIDA also suggested that ICANN should provide additional application criteria for IDN TLDs instead of trying to resolve the issue by proposed process such as comparative evaluation and auction.<ref>[]</ref>
In 2009, Dr. [[Syung-Kyoo Park]], NIDA president , wrote to ICANN prsident president Dr. [[Paul Twomey ]], and expressed the organization 's commitment in to securing and enhancing the stability and interoperability of the internet [[DNS|Domain Name System (DNS)]] for the benefit of the local and global internet community. Park enumerated the undertakings of NIDA , which include: <ref>[ NIDA Letter to ICANN]</ref>
# Generate regular updates of the .kr zone data in compliance with relevant technological standards and subject to and within the limits of relevant national law and national public policy
# Operate and maintain the authoritative name servers of .kr in a stable and secure manner.
Furthermore, Park also expressed the organization's willingness to contribute $30,000 per year on a voluntarily to support ICANN's cost of operations relevant to the ccTLD.

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