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Core Competence

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[[Lisa A. Phifer]] has been the President of Core Competence since 1995 and is mainly engaged with network system design, implementation, evaluation, security and product management. [[David M. Piscitello]] is the Vice President of the firm; he founded the company in 1993 and has 30 years experience working in internetworking. He served as the president cum consultant of the company until [[ICANN]] appointed him as a [[SSAC]] Fellow. In 2007, Dave became the Senior Security Technologist at [[ICANN]], after which he turned over the executive tasks at Core Competence to [[Lisa Phifer]]. Presently, Dave is the owner and occasional consultant, he also speaks and writes to the clients of Core Competence.
==Services<ref>[ Core Competence]</ref>==
===Consulting Services===
The key areas where Core Competence offers consultation includes user needs assessments, technical white paper development, industry surveys, software integration, interface design and product testing. wireless WANs and LANs, switched and routed internetworking, secure remote access, 802.11/802.1X security, UTM firewalls, NAC, voice over IP, network management and VPN are the company’s areas of expertise.
===Software Products and Solutions===
The company has created standardized operations systems components and network management applications including those from Hewlett-Packard, Objective Systems Integrators, Sun and DSET. The Cisco Enterprise Accounting system is based on the SNMP-based ISDN Accounting server software of Core Competence.<ref>[ Core Competence]</ref>

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