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Thomas Barrett

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'''Thomas Barrett''' is the President of [[EnCirca]] and [[TM|EnCirca.Biz]].<ref>[]</ref> He founded EnCirca, which is an [[ICANN]] Accredited [[Registrar]], in 2001.<ref>[]</ref>
== Career History ==
Tom Barrett has over 15 30 years of experience in trademark research technology, including over20 years of experience in internet development and protectionmanagement. Prior to joining EnCirca, he was the Vice President of Thomson & Thomsonis aregistration and validation specialist for restricted Registries and iscurrently providing exclusive validation and registration services for 10Registries.<ref>[]</ref> He also helped in launching EnCirca is the [[IP]] Claims Rights Protection Services leading Registrar for the [[: .biz]] [[gTLD]]BANK, . He was one of the founding members of [[Afilias]]REALTOR, .<ref>[http://dot-nxtPHARMACY,.com/panelist/thomas-barrett]</ref> At Thomson JOBS and Thomson, he led the development of the SAEGIS trademark research platform.<ref>[ is also a Trademark Agent for-social-media-1284500343.html free-press-releasethe]</ref>
He also served as Prior to joining EnCirca, he helped Neustar in launching the CEO of [[NetNamesIP]]. After selling NetNames to Claims Rights Protection Services for the [[]], he helped [[NeuStargTLD]] in launching .biz Mr. Barrett was previously CEO of NetNames,and one of the founding board members of Afilias.<ref>[http He later sold NetNames to NetBenefit (LSE://wwwNBT)]</ref>
He served slso erved as the Vice-President at [[Thomson CompuMark]] for 4 years from 1995 to 1999. where he led the development of the SAEGIS trademark research platform. He has also worked as a Product Manager at ATAiff Davis/T&T New Media/Interchange Online Network, Senior Consultant at [[Accenture]], CIM Engineer at General Electric Aircraft Engines and Automation Engineer at Pratt & Whitney.<ref>[]</ref> He has also worked with Ziff Davis.<ref>[]</ref>
== Education ==
Mr. Barrett attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a BS degree and then later studied at graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for with an MS degree, both in Mechanical Engineering.<ref>[]</ref>

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