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{{CompanyInfoThe '''Internet Recommendation Team''' is a working group composed of international experts with relevant knowledge and experience in the field of consumer protection and trademark issues and laws. It was created by the [[IPC|| logo = | type =| industry =| founded = | founders =| ownership = | headquarters = | country = | businesses = | products = | employees = Intellectual Property Constituency]] of the | revenue =| website =| blog =| facebook = | linkedin = [[Generic Names Supporting Organization]| twitter = GNSO] in compliance with the [[ICANN Board]] Resolution on March 6, 2009. Its main objective is to develop recommendations that will help resolve the issues concerning trademark protection in connection with the introduction of new generic top level domain names ([[gTLD]]s). <ref>[ Adopted Board Resolutions| keypeople = Mexico, March 6, 2009:Protection for Trademarks in New gTLDs]</ref>
==References=={{reflist}}               [[Categories:"ICANN Body"]]

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