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| logo = Etno.jpg
| type =
| industry =
| founded = Brussels, 1992
| founders =
| ownership =
| headquarters = Avenue Louise 54<br/>1050 Brussels, Belgium
| country =
| businesses =
| employees =
| revenue =
| website = [ example]
| blog = [ Name]
| facebook = [ Name]
| linkedin = [ Name ETNO]
| twitter =
| keypeople = Thierry Dieu, Acting Director, Communications Manager<br/>Josef Leonard Debecker, Advisor consultant<br/>Caroline Greer, Regulatory Affairs Manager<br/>Anne Valles, HR & Financial Officer<br/>Isabelle Claeys, Events & Operations Coordinator<br/>Joanna Fliszewska, Secretary
'''Associate Members:''' These are undertakings that provide electronic communications services who contribute towards the work of ETNO.
All these members are from countries that are located within Europe and provide their services within Europe.<ref>[ etno.orgbe]Members</ref>
== Structure ==
== ETNO and ICANN ==
The ETNO has always welcomed the opportunity to comment on the functioning of [[ICANN]]. In document in response to the U.S. Department of Commerce ([[DOC]]) on the review of Joint Project Agreement ([[JPA]]) with ICANN, the ETNO reiterated that it is always committed towards providing all the support necessary to ICANN. It also commended ICANN over its progress in the arena of expansion of gTLDs [[gTLD]]s and towards distribution of the Internationalized Domain Names ([[IDN]]). ETNO has also stated that ICANN has succeeded in properly reorganizing itself and has addressed all the issues of its stakeholders convincingly. It is in strong support of the private multi-stakeholder model that ICANN is built on.<ref>[]</ref>
== References ==

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