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Steve DelBianco

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'''Steve DelBianco''' serves as the Executive Director of [[NetChoice]], a coalition of online and e-commerce businesses and trade associations, including the Electronic Retailing AssociationAOL, [[The Internet Alliance]]eBay, AOLExpedia, [[eBay]]Facebook, OracleGoogle, [[Verisign]], and [[Yahoo]], and several thousand small online sellers based in the U.S.<ref>[]</ref> He is the current Policy Chair of [[ICANN]]'s [[Commercial and Business Users Constituency]].<ref>[ BC Four Holes in gTLD Process,]</ref>
Steve is also the Vice President of Public Policy at the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT)has become a well-known expert on Internet governance, online consumer protection, a trade association for ICT businesses and Internet taxation. He’s provided expert testimony in the US twenty Congressional hearings and Europemany more state legislative sessions. Steve was an investor He represents NetChoice at [[ICANN Meetings]] and Board Member of in the Business Constituency,<ref>[[eRealty]]</ref>. He has also represented NetChoice at other high level fora, such as several recent ICANN hearings in the U.S. Congress.
Mr. DelBianco sets the policy agenda for both NetChoice Steve was an investor and ACTBoard Member of eRealty. He represents NetChoice at [[ICANN Meetings]] and com, an online real estate broker featured in the [[BC|Business Constituency]],<ref>[]<hi-tech-real-estate-moves-in/ref> and is a Member of the [[OPOC Working Group]segment on ''60 Minutes''].
Steve holds a degree in Engineering and another in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He received his MBA from the Wharton School.<ref>[]</ref>
===New gTLDs===At [[ICANN 42]] in Dakar, [[Steve DelBianco]] outlined 4 standing issues that the CBUC had with the current new [[gTLD ]] [[Applicant Guidebook]]. These points were later picked up by TLD critics, including [[ANA]] and [[CRIDO]], and are likely to influence a December 8th U.S. Senate hearing on new TLDs.<ref>[ Senate Hearing gTLDs]</ref> Those 4 four points are:<ref>[ BC Four Holes in gTLD Process,]</ref># '''Terms of Use Compliance'''- there are no "teeth" that require is nothing witten into the current new gTLD registry contract requiring new registries to follow the approach and model that they publicly state in their contract with ICANNthey will.# '''Applications for gTLD IDNs'''- the value of gTLD IDNs [[IDN]]s was stressed by the CBUC, but they pointed out that ICANN had yet to recognize or publicize this exciting development for the global Internet.# '''Trademark Protection'''- While there are 3 trademark mechanisms in place, one of them, the [[Trademark Claims Notice Service]], can be turned off the day after [[Sunrise]].# '''Registrar Code of Conduct'''- A new [[Registryregistry]] agreement was developed for the new gTLD program, but ICANN neglected to do something similar for [[registrar]]s.<ref>[ BC Four Holes in gTLD Process,]</ref>
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