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Olof Nordling

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'''Olof Nordling''' is the Director of Service Relationsat [[ICANN]] and Branch Manager for the Brussels office.<ref>[ linkedin.comLinkedIn]</ref> He is a Swedish national and branch manager at [[ICANN]]holds an MSc.<ref>[http://www.iqpcicann.comorg/en/biog/Eventnordling.aspx?id=362512 iqpc.comhtm ICANN Staff Bio]</ref> He is a Swedish national and holds an MSc.
== Career History ==
He worked as the head Prior to joining ICANN in 2005, Olof was Head of [[TeliaSonera]]'s Brussels office.<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref> At TeliaSonera, a Swedish/Finish Telecommunications group, for many years. At TeliaSoneraFinnish telecommunications company, he was responsible for relations to the EU institutions for Telecommunications telecommunications policy matters.<ref>[]</ref>He Before that, Nordling was a Counselor and Head at the Science and Technology office at the Swedish Embassy. He , and has also worked as a Deputy Trade Commissioner for Sweden. In Earlier in his earlier career , Olof was a Systems Analyst for Honeywell Bull in Paris.<ref>[ icann.orgICANN Staff Bio]</ref>
== References ==
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