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Gavin Brown

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'''Gavin Brown''' is the CTO for [[CentralNic]].<ref>[]</ref> He has held this position since 2005; he was been working with CentralNic since 2001.<ref>[]</ref> He started at CentralNic as a webmaster, and was then promoted to Senior Developer prior to his current position.<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref> He also is the CTO for one of CentralNic's joint ventures, [[Central Registry Solutions]].<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref>
Gavin Brown was instrumental in the largest [[DNSSEC]] deployment to date, in late 2010; it was implemented across 22 extensions.<ref>[ CircleID]</ref>
==Industry Participation==
Since May 2017, Gavin is a member of the [[ECO|eco Association]] Names & Numbers Steering Committee.<ref>[ Press Release eco Association]</ref>
Mr. Brown was a panelist at the first [[.nxt|.nxt Conference]] for a session entitled, "Implementation: How to run a Registry".

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