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Godefroy Jordan

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|born = 1968
|country = France
'''Godefroy Jordan''' is the CEO of [[StartingDot ]] s.a.s., a french French start -up [[registry ]] founded in November 2011 in Paris and . They are applying for a portfolio of new gTLDs[[gTLD]]s through [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]].
==Past Work==
 Godefroy has been an internet Internet pioneer since 1995. A serial entrepreneur, he was founder and CEO of the Paris based web agency B2L/BBDO (1999-2003) and has conceived of and managed dozens of web and mobile sites, whether it be for large companies (Orange, Peugeot, EDF, Auchan, M&Ms, Disney…Disney), for start-ups or as an editor (,…com).
An enthusiastic business developer, he has also worked with start-ups as a qualified investor (, and created the main reseller of Google AdWords in France inside Spir Communication, as Deputy General Manager for Internet Business (2006-2011).
Citizen entrepreneur, he participates regularly in the works of several professional associations (Renaissance Numérique, Geste, IAB France, AACC, ICMA…ICMA)

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