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Independent Review of Board Actions
==Independent Review of Board Actions==
Under Article IV Section 3 of the ICANN Bylaws, the internet governing body is mandated to develop a separate process for third-party review of Board actions in the event of accusations that the Board decided in contrast with the organizations Bylaws. Complainants are required to submit a request for an independent review of the action or decision. An Independent Review Panel operated by an international dispute resolution provider will handle the case and determine the merit of the accusations whether ICANN violated its Bylaws in conjunction with the contested action. The selected IRP is required to submit its operating rules and procedures to the ICANN Board for approval. A three-member IRP is allowed as per request of either party. If there is no request for a three-member panel, the dispute will be resolved by a one-member panel. Members of the IRP must follow the conflict of interest policy as stated in the IRP provider's operating rules and procedures.<ref>[ Article IV Section 3 of the ICANN Bylaws December 15, 2002]</ref>
==ICM Registry LLC Request for IRP==
On June 6, 2008, ICM Registry LLC, a company based in Florida which was established to serve as the [[.xxx]] sponsored top level domain name ([[sTLD]]) filed a request for independent review of Board actions after the ICANN Board rejected its application on March 2007. The company claimed that ICANN's decision of the RFP and its decision to reject ICM's application were "arbitrary, lacking in transparency and discriminator," a clear violation of the organization's Bylaws. The complaint was filed by ICM to the International Centre for Dispute Resolution whereby the company asked the IRP to invalidate ICANN's decision. In addition, ICM also requested the IRP to declare that the company fulfilled all the requirements set by the RFP, direct ICANN to immediately execute a Registry agreement between ICANN and ICM and require ICANN to pay all the expenses incurred by the company in conjunction with its .xxx application including legal fees.<ref>[ ICM Registry LLC v. ICANN]</ref>
==Manwin Request for IRP==

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