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.CLUB Domains LLC

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| bronzesponsor = ICANNWiki [[Sponsorship|Bronze Sponsor]]| logo = ClublogoNewClubLogo.png
| type = Privately Held
| industry = [[New gTLD Program|New gTLD Applicant]]
| linkedin =
| twitter =
| keypeople = [[Colin Campbell]], Chairman & CEO<br>[[Jeffrey Sass]], CMO
'''.CLUB Domains LLC''' is applying to run owns and operates the [[.club]] [[gTLD ]] within [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD program]]. Its mission is to more adequately better serve clubs and associations, which it believes are not adequately represented by current gTLD offerings such as [[.com]] and [[.org]]. The entity is was one of the first public applicants within the program , given that many potential applicants have kept their own plans under wraps. This public presence has included sponsorship of [[ICANN Meetings]], including [[ICANN 43]]. They believe that this public presence has allowed them to create excitement around the potential extension and elicit support from those interested.<ref>[ Home,]</ref> This support has also taken the form of fundraising to aid in the successful acquisition and delegation of the string,.<ref>[]</ref> application Application related financing was secured, and contingent financing to ensure that .CLUB Domains wins the extension in a potential auction has was also been securedreceived.<ref>[ Blog,]</ref>
The organization has operations in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, and the Philippines.<ref>[ Contact,]</ref>
.CLUB Domains LLC filed their application with [[ICANN]] on the first possible day, January 12th, 2012. The organization is was aware of several competitive bids for the .club extension and believes that these bidders have no intentions of running an actual [[registry]]; .CLUB Domains LLC has expressed no interest in bargaining with them and prefers to win the extension in an open [[gTLD Auction|auction]].Collin Campbell wrote in his blog, ''"We have been approached by a number of companies who are applying for .Club. Our belief is that is best not to negotiate with these companies or individuals but win the name through an open and fair auction process."'' <ref>[ Tucows co-founder takes hard line on .club gTLD]</ref><ref>[ Blog,]</ref>
[[The audience for a .club]] has the potential to be a well-sought after TLD is potentially large, given that clubs come in all sorts of sizes and that there are countless clubs around the word, furthermore, belonging to a given club is something that individuals and companies often take great pride in. It also has the added benefit of being an English a word that is often used as is, in its English form, in other languages , such as French, Spanish, and Italian.<ref>[ Club Top Level Domain,]</ref> There were two other applicants for [[.club]]: [[Donuts]], and [[Merchant Law Group LLP]].
.CLUB Domains LLC was started by successful, serial entrepreneur [[Colin Campbell]]. His previous endeavors include co-founding both [[Tucows]] (1998) and [[Hostopia]] (2000), and acting as the founding director of The [[CIRA|Canadian Internet Registry Association]] (CIRA).<ref>[[ICANN 43]] Interview</ref> He has also served as the Director of the [[CAIP|Canadian Association of Internet Providers]] (CAIP).
Other current projects include [], [ Sharkfin Networks], and [ Brisk Mobile].
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| logo = NewClubLogo.png
| type = 私人持股
| industry = [[New gTLD Program|New gTLD Applicant]]
| founded = 2011
| founders = [[柯博尔]] (Colin Campbell)
| ownership =
| headquarters = 1640 West Oakland Park Boulevard #304<br>
Oakland Park, Fl, 33311
| country = 美国
| businesses =
| products =
| employees =
| revenue =
| email =
| website = []
| blog = []
| facebook =
| linkedin =
| twitter =
| keypeople = [[柯博尔]] (Colin Campbell),董事长、首席执行官<br>[[单杰飞]] (Jeff Sass),首席营销官
'''.CLUB顶级域名公司'''是[[ICANN]][[新通用顶级域项目]]中[[.Club]][[通用顶级域]]的所有者和运营商,其使命是为无法在[[.com]]、[[.org]]等现有顶级域中找到满意域名的俱乐部和协会组织提供最理想的域名。该公司并未像其他许多潜在申请者一样对自己的计划讳莫如深,而是通过赞助包括[[ICANN 43]]在内的[[ICANN大会]]高调成为新通用顶级域项目中的首批公开申请人之一。他们认为,公开身份更有利于制造话题,获得对新域名后缀有兴趣的群体支持,<ref>[ Home,]</ref>其中包括为该后缀字符串的购买和授权而进行的募资。
<ref>[]</ref>通过上述募资活动,.Club得到了申请后缀以及应付可能出现的拍卖竞标所需的资金。<ref>[ Blog,]</ref>
该公司在美国、加拿大、乌克兰、菲律宾均设有办公室。<ref>[ Contact,]</ref>
.Club顶级域名公司于2012年1月12日,也就是开放申请的第一天,向[[ICANN]]提交了申请。此时他们已经注意到另外还有数家机构正在对.Club后缀进行竞标,认为上述竞争对手并无开设注册局的计划,因此决定不与其进行私下交易,通过公开[[gTLD Auction|拍卖]]一决胜负。CEO柯博尔在他的博客里写道:''"有若干家正在申请.Club字符串的公司前来联系。我们认为最好不要与这些公司或个人讨价还价,应该在公开、公平的拍卖中赢得后缀。"'' <ref>[ Tucows co-founder takes hard line on .club gTLD]</ref><ref>[ Blog,]</ref>
全世界各种规模的俱乐部类组织不可胜数,而且作为俱乐部的成员的机构和个人往往希望将自己的会员身份广而告之,因此.Club顶级域名的潜在用户群体极大。此外,“Club”不仅仅是英文词汇,在法语、西班牙语、意大利语等语言中的拼法也完全相同。<ref>[ Club Top Level Domain,]</ref>
[[.Club]]还有另外两个申请人:[[Donuts]]、[[Merchant Law Group LLP]].
.CLUB顶级域名公司的创始人是成绩斐然的创业家[[柯博尔]]( Colin Campbell),此前创办过[[Tucows]](1998)和[[Hostopia]](2000)等企业。同时,他也是 [[CIRA|加拿大互联网注册局协会]](CIRA)的创会理事<ref>[[ICANN 43]] Interview</ref>,曾经担任 [[CAIP|加拿大互联网服务提供商协会]](CAIP)的董事。
柯博尔目前主持的项目还有[]、[ Sharkfin Networks]、[ Brisk Mobile]等。
他创办的公司屡获嘉奖,在《利润》(Profit)杂志的加拿大公司增长速度排行榜中先后达到第七位(1997年)、第二位(1998年)、第一位(2005年),并于2005年入选《企业》(Inc)杂志评选的500家增长速度最快企业榜单。<ref>[ About,]</ref>
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