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Mason Cole

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|portrait = MasonColePortrait.jpg|caricature = MasonColeCaricature.jpg|born organization=Donuts|region=North America|country = USA|email stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation= GNSO|website = [ Mason's blog]|twitter = MColePDX|facebook = |linkedin = [http Mason Cole]|twitter=MColePDX|userbox = {{Template:UBX-GNSO-P}} {{Template:UBX-RRSG-P}} {{Template:UBX-CARDSSING}}
'''Mason Cole''' is the Vice President of Communications and Industry Relations at [[Donuts]], a start-up gTLD registry company based in Washington. He has been with Donuts since May 1, 2012.<ref>[ Donuts Launches Domain Namespace Expansion With 207 gTLD Applications, More Than $100 Million in Funding]</ref>

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