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Owen Smigelski

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|portrait = Owen.jpg|caricature = Owen_SmigelskiCaricature.jpg|organization=ICANN|region=North America|country = USA|affiliation=ICANN|email = owensmig owen.smigelski [at] gmailicann.comorg|website = []|twitter = lothar97|facebook = [http lothar]|linkedin = [http owensmigelski]|twitter=lothar97|userbox = {{Template:UBX-ICANNSTAFF-C}}
'''Owen Smigelski''' is a Director of Contractual Compliance at [[ICANN]]. He was previously an Attorney with Sunrider International. Prior to this, Owen was a member of several law firms, specializing in trademarks and litigation. Owen's first position after law school was with an intellectual property law firm, where he had the opportunity to work extensively in the fields of trademarks, patents, and copyrights.<ref>[ Smigelski's Resume]</ref>

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