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Axel Schwiersch

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|portrait = AxelSchwierschPortrait.jpg|caricature = AxelSchwierschCaricature.jpg|affiliationborn= dotVERISCHERUNG, dotREISE1967|country region= GermanyEurope|email country= as [at] dotreise.deGermany|website = []|blog = |twitter = |born = 1967|facebook = |linkedin = [ Xing]
'''Axel Schwiersch''' is the Managing director of [[dotVERSICHERUNG]] and [[dotREISE]].<ref>[]</ref> The projects represent new German language [[gTLD]]s, which translate as dotINSURANCE and dotTRAVEL respectively.<ref>[[ICANN 41]] Interview</ref> He currently is amassing support for the name spaces, accepting applications for proposed domains, and lobbying ICANN for the allocation.<ref>[]</ref>

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