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Rick Schwartz

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Rick credits much of his success to being early on the [[domaining]] rush. His initial investment consisted of $1,800 dollars, but soon spent $42,000 on To generate additional resources, he sold a "sales" business for 7 figures in 1998. Around this time he was purchasing domains such as, <ref>[]</ref>,, <ref>[]</ref> and <ref>[]</ref>
 In 2000, he expressed his belief that search engines would have little value, claiming ""I believe as time goes on, they're going to have less importance.My whole idea is why I believe in type-in hits. I say that human behavior will develop so that people will surf first and search later." <ref>[]</ref>
Mr. Schwartz has over 4,300 domains that he claims bring in a combined traffic of 95,000 - 115,000 visitors each day. His sites tend to be parked pages with revenue-producing links. Schwartz's portfolio is managed by [[Moniker]].<ref>[]</ref> Many of his sites, approximately half, are "adult" oriented domains, though he insists that none of these pages have any actual illicit content, beyond the name, and that they are merely parked advertising space.<ref>[]</ref>

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