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.Bank and .Insurance Financial TLD Initiative
==.Bank and .Insurance Financial TLD Initiative==
BITS/The Financial Services Roundtable, in partnership with the American Bankers Association, formed [[fTLD Registry Services, LLC]] (fTLD) to apply to [[ICANN]] to operate financially-oriented [[gTLD]]s. In 2012, fTLD submitted [[Community TLD|community-based applications]] [1] for the [[.bank]] and [[.insurance]] TLDs to provide trusted and protected online spaces for the banking and insurance industries and their millions of consumers. [[Craig Schwartz]], former chief gTLD registry liaison of ICANN, serves as the head of operations for fTLD. fTLD chose [[Verisign]] to serve as its back-end registry operations provider.<ref>[ ABA and The Financial Services Roundtable Apply for Financial Domains to Protect Consumers]</ref> <ref>[ Financial Top Level Domain Initiative]</ref><ref>[ VeriSign now front-runner for .bank]</ref>

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