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Asha Hemrajani

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Asha was born and raised in Hong Kong. She was educated in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore. She received her degree in electrical engineering from Lafayette University College and later completed the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program in International Management. Asha is also a member of the Institute of Directors in Hong Kong as well as Singapore.<ref name=ICANN/>
According to ICANN, Asha's early work included mobile radio network "design, planning, optimization, performance evaluation and large-scale project management" with Hutchison Telecom, a telecommunications provider in Hong Kong. She later focused on infrastructure technologies at Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). In her various roles at Nokia, she continued covering network design and planning, plus business development, infrastructure marketing, and sales for the Asia Pacific and the Greater China regions. Asha served as head of global sales for the NSN's 3G/WCDMA wireless infrastructure business line. She later held the position head of business development for 4G/LTE Radio Programs. Since 2014, she has led the been an adviser to Business Evaluation Centre, which is part of the a Singapore-based management consultancy called Knight Griffin. Asha is a court appointed mediator in the State Courts of Singapore and with the Singapore Mediation Centre.<ref name=ICANN/>
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