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|status = ProposedContract Signed
|manager = [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]] (TLDH)
|country = German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen
* To increase the number of people and organizations from or with a relationship to North Rhine-Westphalia that publicly identify themselves via the Internet with North Rhine-Westphalia through their use of .NRW domain names and email accounts by making such .NRW domain names affordable and readily available (subject to compliance with the rules governing .NRW discussed elsewhere in this Application).
The company will implement a registration policy for the .NRW top-level domain in the interest of the North Rhine-Westphalian population and its government. Only Internet users from or with a relationship to North Rhine-Westphalia (e.g. a place of business or residence) can register their own .NRW top-level domain. The .NRW top-level domain is targeted solely at the North Rhine-Westphalian business community and population. Nevertheless the registration procedure will be done in a transparent and non-discriminatory way.
This intention ensures the accomplishment of our goal to support the population, organizations and businesses of North Rhine-Westphalia. At the same time, Internet users will gain the certainty that the content, product or service offered on the website has a close relationship to North Rhine-Westphalia."<ref>[ Application Download,]Retrieved 18 Feb 2013</ref>
==Contract Signed==
On November 21, 2013 [[TLDH]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .nrw after passing the [[Initial Evaluation]].<ref>[ Registry Agreements,] Retrieved 02 Dec 2013</ref>
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