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Under the vision and leadership of James Seng, with the support of angels, venture capital firm and family offices of approximately USD 20 million in place for the application and operation of the new gTLDs, Zodiac is seeking to become the first and largest privately held ICANN-approved TLD registry operator in Asia. It intends to operate TLDs that are centric to the Chinese culture.
[.八卦], pronounced as “bagua” means “gossip” in Chinese. To the Chinese community, “STRING” is commonly used to all sorts of information, news or gossip with respect to any high profile, entertainment, media or sports star. For example, news or gossip about Steve Jobs can be referred to Steve Jobs’ 八卦 (“STRING”). The Chinese love to read about the latest on these people. Such a phenomenon has made online entertainment portal like one of the most trafficked website due to its official partnerships with various media and film stars."
The Applicant expects “.STRING” to initially reach about 9,340 in the 1st year, and grow to 13,343 and 18,680 by the 2nd and 3rd year respectively."<ref>[ ApplicationDetails,]Retrieved 15 Jan 2013</ref>
在James Seng 的理念及管理引导,天使投资人的支持,以及风险投资公司的共同作用下,黄道已为以其名义申请的新通用顶级域名筹集了将近2000万美金,包括前期申请及后期管理费用。黄道公司正力争成为亚洲第一个也是最大一个私人控股,并得到ICANN许可的顶级域名注册商。公司旨在经营那些对中国文化来说有重要涵义的顶级域名。具体说来,黄道公司期望在域名申请成功的第一年获得大约9340个下级域名,并在第二、第三年在此基础上增涨至13343到18680个。
==Contract Signed==
On November 21, 2013 [[Zodiac]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .八卦 after passing the [[Initial Evaluation]].<ref>[ Registry Agreements,] Retrieved 02 Dec 2013</ref>
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