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Minds + Machines Group Limited

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== Uncontested TLDs ==
*[ .abogado]*[ .bayern]*[ .beer]*[ .budapest]*[ .casa]*[ .cooking]*[ .dds]*[ .fashion]*[ .fishing]*[ .fit]*[ .garden]*[ .horse]*[ .law]*[ .luxe]*[ .miami]*[ .nrw]*[ .rodeo]*[ .surf]*[ .vip]*[ .vodka]*[ .wedding]*[ .work]*[ .yoga]*.购物
== In Partnership ==
*.country*[ .london]*[ .review]
== TLDs on behalf of clients ==
*.bradesco*[ .gop]
== Contested TLDs ==
*.cpa*[ .gay]*.home*[ .hotel]
== Contested TLDs in partnership ==
*[ .music]
==Funding-Public listing status==
==Partnering for Success blurb==
=== Partnerships ===
On October 11, 2012, MMX announced they had partnered with [[Architelos]] to use their anti-registration abuse [[SaaS|software-as-a-service]], NameSentry, in their future registry operations. The software protects the end-user against phishing, malware, spam, botnets and other types of abuse. NameSentry provides both aggregate and drill-down views of abusive domain names, and automates abuse polices and procedures. This announcement came a day after the largest gTLD applicant, [[Donuts]], announced that they were set to use the same NameSentry service.<ref>[ MMX Architelos NameSentry,]</ref>
===Van Couvering===
During the Senate hearings regarding the implementation of the New gTLD Program, Mr. Couvering was one of the representatives of the domain industry who signed the letter sent to Senators John Rockefeller and Kay Bailey Hutchison supporting the program. He and his colleagues reiterated ICANN's position that it is beneficial for the global internet community and it promotes innovation.<ref>[ Letter to Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation]</ref>
===Michael Salazar===
Michael Salazar led ICANN's [[New gTLD Program]], and was there for three years, before being let go as a result of prominent digital glitches, and subsequent mishandling, of the [[TAS]] (The new gTLD Application System), and also the technical failure of the [[Digital Archery]] [[Batching]] process.<ref name="Salazar"></ref>
==Key Features==
===Involvement in the New gTLD Program===
During the opening day of the application for ICANN's [[New gTLD Program]] on January 12, 2012, MMX purchased 20 application slots and announced that it was chosen by [[Dot Kiwi|Dot Kiwi Limited]], a New Zealand based company, to provide registry solutions for the proposed [[.kiwi]] string.<ref>[ New gTLD Application Window Opens]</ref> On February 21, 2012, the company announced that it will purchase 20 additional application slots for gTLDs.<ref>[ gTLD Application Update]</ref>
On June 3rd, 2013 [[Antony Van Couvering]], CEO of MMX, wrote an article on CircleID arguing for the benefits of private auctions versus ICANN auctions for new [[gTLD]]s. The private auctions, Van Couvering argues, allow companies to "provide money to create healthy vigorous registries that will fulfill ICANN's mission to create choice and competition in the top-level namespace."<ref>[ icann or private auctions] Published 3 Jun 13 Retrieved 4 Jun 13</ref> The ICANN auctions on the other hand, would leave applicants depleted of cash. [[Minds + Machines]] will proceed with private auctions after the first round.<ref>[ icann or private auctions] Published 3 Jun 13 Retrieved 4 Jun 13</ref>
====GAC Early Warnings====
MMX received a total of 6 [[GAC]] Early Warnings, 5 of which were for its own TLDs. This accounts for about 7% of their 72 applications, which they noted in a press release, further stating that many of their competitors and other large portfolio applicants had received much greater percentages of warned applications to total portfolio size. The in-house warned applications are: [[.zulu]], [[.hotel]], [[.green]], [[.roma]], [[.website]]. Their client, The American Bible Society, was warned for [[.bible]].<ref>[ ICANN Prioritization Draw,] Retrieved 1 Dec 2012</ref>
Their PICs provide for: open registration policies; geographic names protections; clearly defining abusive behavior to registrants and the public and enforcing those parameters; the right to suspend, cancel, or otherwise take control of names that are suspected or proven of being involved in abusive activities; and maintaining a clear, singular point of contact for all abuse related correspondence. Some of their PICs, those related to applications with restricted registration requirements, such as [[.abogado]], also note this restricted intent.<ref>[ PIC Download,] Retrieved 12 Mar 2013</ref>
==References==  {{reflist}}

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