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|status = Contract SignedDelegated
|manager = Foundation for Assistance <br />for Internet Technologies and <br />Infrastructure Development (FAITID)
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'''.москва''' (the Russian translation for [[.moscow]]) is a proposed new [[IDN]] [[GeoTLD]] that was proposed in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD expansion program]]. The application for the .москва IDN TLD was submitted by the [[Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development]] (FAITID), a non-profit organization established in 2011 to develop and implement initiatives to increase the use of the Internet in Russian communities and internationally.<ref>[ About TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА]</ref> Their application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on 24 April 2014.<ref name="delegation">[ Delegated Strings,] Retrieved 30 May 2014</ref>
The company is also applying for the English equivalent, [[.moscow]].
==Contract Signed==
On 19 December 2013 [[Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .москва after passing all the required processes needed to become a [[Registry Operator]] for the string.<ref>[ Registry Agreements,] Retrieved 30 Dec 2013</ref>
==Delegation and Availability==
.москва was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on 24 April, 2014, completing the successful application for the string.<ref name="delegation" />
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