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'''.horse''' is a delegated [[Community gTLD]] with [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD expansion program]] for the horse industry. The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on 31 March 2014.<ref name="delegation">[ Delegated Strings,] Retrieved 15 April 2014</ref>
The [[Dot Horse Project LLC]] applied for the '''.horse ''' string and became the registry operator of the string. [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.Minds + Machines Group Limited|MMX]], also known as [[Minds and Machines, LLC|Minds + Machines]] (TLDH) , applied for the gTLD in behalf of the company and its subsidiary, [[Minds + Machines]] is providing the back-end registry solutions for the .horse TLD.<ref>[ Dot Horse Project]</ref> <ref>[ ANNOUNCED TLDH GTLDS]</ref>
The application for the '''.horse ''' TLD is supported by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, Keeneland Pony Club,Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Kentucky Equine Humane Center and the Inforatag Racing Stable LLC. <ref>[ Supporters]</ref>
==Intended Use==
'''.Horse horse''' is a generic top level domain targeted to equine industry professionals, including trainers, instructors, breeders, faciality mangers, bloggers, or horse enthusiasts.
==Delegation and Availability==
'''.horse ''' was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] of the [[DNS]] on 31 March, 2014, completing the successful application for the string, and went into GA on 15 September 2014.<ref name="delegation"></ref>
==Notable Users==
Horse '''.horse''' web addresses are uniting the worldwide horse community. Whether you are a trainer, riding instructor, breeder, equine facility manager/owner, or someone who blogs about his or her riding adventures, this is your users now have a chance to get the domain name that perfectly expresses what you they do. A descriptive .horse domain name and email address can increase your brand visibility and drive additional traffic to your website and business. Let your .horse domain show the world what you’re passionate about.
==Application Details==
The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:
"The purpose of the .HORSE horse gTLD is to offer horse owners, service providers, horse industry employees and volunteers the opportunity to clearly define their presence on the Internet and to help potential customers gain access to content about horses.
As horse owners begin to take advantage of ecommerce and other Internet technologies, horse enthusiasts are looking for easier ways to find equine information and products online. The .HORSE horse domain will serve as the definitive home of horse-related content online.
There are 9.2 million horses in the United States alone, or roughly 3 horses per hundred people. 4.6 million Americans are involved directly in the industry as service providers or owners--tens of millions more participate as spectators. The horse industry directly provides more than 416,000 jobs and represents an overall market of $39 Billion. (Source: http:⁄⁄⁄id3.html)
==Restrictive Policies==
We specifically examined more restrictive registration policies, such as limiting registration to members of organizations with a specific tie to horses. We rejected such limitations because they would interfere with '''.HORSE’s horse'''’s primary mission, purpose and goals--which is to encourage as many registrants as possible to associate themselves with horses for any legal purpose. Factors that we took into account when considering a more restrictive registration policy included:
* Our recognition that registrants of a .HORSE horse domain name will self-select because they have an interest in horses, naturally reducing the number of potential registrants; and, because restrictive policies such as, for example, requiring membership in a specific organization or organizations, would exclude many legitimate registrants from obtaining a '''.HORSE horse''' domain name. For example, and by way of illustration, if membership an organization were required for registration, businesses and charitable organizations that would find a .HORSE horse top-level domain name an effective marketing tool would be excluded from registering a '''.HORSE horse''' domain name as they might not be eligible to be members in an organization that accepted only natural persons for membership.
With respect to protecting registrant privacy and confidential information, we will comply with all applicable ICANN rules, including Whois policies, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations of appropriate jurisdictions. Registrant privacy and use of confidential information are set forth in our Privacy & Whois Policy. Information concerning updates and changes to the Privacy & Whois Policy will be promptly and prominently displayed on the '''.HORSE horse''' web site."<ref>[ Application Download,] Retrieved 28 Feb 2013</ref>
==Contract Signed==
On November 21, 2013 [[TLDHMinds + Machines Group Limited|MMX]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .horse after passing the [[Initial Evaluation]].<ref>[ Registry Agreements,] Retrieved 02 Dec 2013</ref>

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