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Jae-Chul Sir

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'''Jae-Chul Sir ''' is the Senior fellow of the Korea Internet & Security Agency([[KISA]]). He also serves as the Vice-President of [[ISOC|The Internet Society]].<ref>[]</ref> He is also the executive director of [[NIDA ]] (National Internet Development Agency of Korea).<ref>[ DotAsia Bio]</ref>
Jae-Chul Sir was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Global [[IPv6]] Summit in Korea, conducted in 2005.<ref>[]</ref>
He was also a respondent at the [[ICANN Cairo]] public forum.<ref>[]</ref>
==Career History==
* Former President of [[KRNIC ]] of KISA, in charge of Internet Name Policy Section, Statistics & Policy Research Team, International Affairs Team* Member of the [[NNC ]] (Number and Name Committee)
* Arbitrator of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board
* Promotion & PR director at KADO (Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Promotion)
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