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On February 20, 2015 Jacob Malthouse, a former ICANN Regional Liason (Responsible for ICANN engagements with the Caribbean and Canada) and co-founder of Big Room Inc., filed a Reconsideration Request against ICANN’s staff members, on the behalf of Big Room Inc. Malthouse stated, “Big Room Inc. (“Big Room”) respectfully requests Board reconsideration of ICANN staff inaction in connection with its failure to terminate the ongoing Cooperative Engagement Process (“CEP”) pertaining to the .ECO generic top level domain (gTLD) subject matter." In the request Malthouse further states “ICANN should not permit powerful private interests such as Complainants to manipulate ICANN’s processes and procedures to the detriment of communities like the environmental community and entities like Big Room that work on their behalf”. “In sum, Big Room is suffering considerable harm as a result of its .ECO gTLD application being placed in “on hold” status for an indeterminate amount of time, which is a direct result of ICANN staff inaction with respect to its failure to terminate the ongoing, inappropriate CEP with Complainants.” Big Room’s request for reconsideration has since been withdrawn, having no determination made by the ICANN Board of Governance Committee (BCG) on the scheduled review date of March 19, 2015 or anytime thereafter.<ref> [ Big Room Inc. - Withdrawn Reconsideration Filing]</ref>
An official Legal Rights Objection was filed by the applicant planet.ECO, LLC, against fellow applicant [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]].<ref>[ LRO Cases,]</ref>

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