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Organization: ICANN
Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
Region: Europe
Country: Belgium
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @susotti

Su Sonia Herring is an ICANN62 Fellow. She is a Turkish-American internet policy researcher, editor, mentor, and project coordinator. Her focus areas are Internet governance, digital rights, women and youth participation, media literacy, capacity building and digital policy-related projects throughout Turkey, South East Europe, Afghanistan and Germany.

Su Sonia is bilingual in Turkish and English. She has previously worked for Dow Jones, AEG Europe, Experian, and small to medium sized local companies in project management, communications, localization, publishing, marketing, and event management.

Su Sonia Herring is also a professional singer, voice artist and occasional actress.

Career History

Su Sonia is currently a Youth IGF Turkey coordinator, South East European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) Executive Committee member, internet policy researcher, an ICANN62 fellow and assistant curator for the Geneva Internet Platform. Her experience in internet governance is wide-ranging and diverse since she began her journey in 2015 as a participant of the first Youth IGF Turkey meeting, in 2016 she became a member of the organizing committee of Youth IGF Turkey.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Key milestones in her Internet governance journey include:

  • ICANN: Su Sonia is a NCUC member, and fellow for ICANN60 and ICANN62.
  • Youth IGF: Turkey Coordinator
  • Internet Society: Su Sonia was an Internet Society IGF Ambassador in 2016. She is also an active contributing member of ISOC Turkey.
  • SEEDIG: An active community member since 2016, Su Sonia was elected as a member of the new Executive Committee in November 2017.
  • Internet Governance: Reporting Su Sonia prepares reports on various Internet governance events, sessions and workshops including WSIS 2017, FoME Berlin 2017, iGmena, and on IGF 2017.
  • TechWomen.Asia: Su Sonia was the portal manager of TechWomen.Asia during it’s preparation and launch.


Su Sonia holds a Bachelors degree in Linguistics from Hacettepe University, and a masters diploma from the Centre International de Formation Europeenne where she wrote her dissertation on Internet policy implementation in Turkey between 2013-2017.

She has completed the 2017 edition of Balkan School of Internet Governance (BSIG) and 2016 edition of Middle East and Adjoining Countries School of Internet Governance (MEAC SIG), she acted as mentor in MEAC SIG 2017. Her certifications include Project Cycle Management and Policy Officer in European and International Organizations.


Su Sonia Herring has authored the following publications

Youth Participation in Internet Governance


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