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Country: USA
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Svetlana Uleva Svetlana Uleva]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @iTrManufacturer

Svetlana Uleva is an independent translation and localization specialist at iTranslation Manufacturer, she is also a Translator/Editor/Interpreter at Independent Russian Translator.

She provides services including closed captioning, desktop publishing, editing, interpreting, conference interpreting, medical interpreting, phone interpreting, project management, proofreading, research, subtitling, teaching, terminology research, transcription, translation, and typesetting.[1]


From 2007 to 2009, she was an Assistant Project Manager at Paragon Language Services, where she supported and managed multiple translation projects. Prior to that, she was the Office Assistant and in-house translator at Word Express Corp. for one year. She has also been a PR specialist with the Russian Kickboxing Federation for four years.[2]

A few notable projects of Ms. Uleva include translation of:

  • Presentations and political articles for the United Nations, Bratislava Regional Center
  • California Driver Handbook - 2011 for California DMV
  • Documents related to art exhibitions presented by the Getty Center
  • Educational materials for California Department of Health Care Services and California Department of Education
  • Movie scripts and subtitles for Paramount Pictures[3]

Relationship With ICANN

In the recent years, she has been providing translations for ICANN's documents.[4]


She holds a BA in Translation/Interpretation and Theory of Translation from the Institute of Economics, Law and Natural Sciences, Krasnodar, Russia 2005.[5]