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I can find next to nothing on this person by googling them, and most importantly can find no reference to support the info here!

Also, It seems that all of these 3 sections are so short that they don't deserve being separated out. The Career history doesn't really speak much to Cisse's career, and while it is the most substantial part of the article it seems mislabeled/out of place.

I've met him so I'm sure he's a real person :-) Let's just leave the article for now since we have no reason to believe any of it isn't right? And it'll stand without citation. I'm guessing we'll run into this more than Wikipedia would since they have a "notability" bar above which articles have to stand. We are intentionally creating articles about all of the people and companies in the ICANN space that are below that bar so we'll have to count on the community more. Ray