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Country: Finland
Email: taneli.tikka [at] internetregistry.info
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   Taneli Tikka
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Taneli Tikka is the former Chairman of TLD Registry, the home of two Chinese language gTLDs, .在线 and .中文网; he held that position from December 2011 to November 2014.[1][2]

Tikka is highly active and involved in the entrepreneurship and internet industries, and is the co-founder of numerous companies like The Pop-Up Company, Startup Sauna Foundation, and Vakuutuskone. He is also a Board Member of Wunderkraut, Sulava Oy, Aula Cooperative, Package Media, and Transfluent, as well as Chairman of the Board of Brand MNGR and Umbra Software. Additionally, he is a speaker and panel moderator of Speaker's Forum, and has an extremely long list of companies for which he has been a Board Member or Founder.[1]

Tikka has attended 4+ ICANN Meetings, including ICANN 49 in Singapore.[3]

Fun Facts

Tikka has his Master Scuba Diver certification.[1]



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