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Industry: Internet
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: 127083 Moscow, 8 Marta str., 1 bld. 12

Metro station

Country: Russia

The Technical Center of Internet, JSC (TCI) was created in 2009 by two Russian registries, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and Foundation for Internet Development (FID), a registry for .SU.

Today, the Technical Center of the Internet provides backbone services to the registries and runs the domain registration services of Russia's national domains (.RU and .РФ), .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR. The Technical Center of Internet's mission is to ensure seamless functioning for Russia's Internet facilities and services.

A highly professional technical center, TCI focuses on supporting the DNS infrastructure in Russia as well as on engaging accredited registrars. TCI was created as a response to increasing number of domain names in .RU and .SU, as well as to the launch of the first Cyrillic domain in the internet, .РФ. To further facilitate Internet development in Russia, two major geographic registries, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and Foundation for Internet Development (FID), a registry for .SU, chose to integrate registrar policies and introduce unified standards for all registrars. Today, TCI offers a technological platform to both of Russia's registries as well as service contracts to the registrars.

TCI performs technical register support services for registrars in .RU, .РФ and .SU, based on license agreements with the Coordination Center and FID. Being a critical part of Russia's Internet infrastructure, TCI and its DNS system are independent subjects, enabling accredited registrars to gain equal access to the main register and the DNS system.

Mission of the Technical Center of Internet

  1. Ensure continuous work and expansion of the domain name registers and registration systems
  2. Support and advance the DNS infrastructure of the global network in Russia, ensuring its safety and reliability
  3. Create seamless experiences for the accredited registrars to further support the growth or Russia's domain space
  4. Nurture technology to bring new users to the Internet and bridge the digital gap between major cities and regions
  5. Provide the newest solutions with the greatest potential directly to its clients, the accredited registrars,and indirectly to the entire Internet community in Russia, to satisfy their needs while using the global network. Strive to improve the clients' businesses with the TCI's new services and solutions.

Accredited Registrars

.RU Domain .SU Domain .РФ Domain

Other Domains

.ДЕТИ Domains .TATAR Domains


The Technical Center of Internet (TCI) maintains and ensures stability of the domain name registration system in .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR top-level domains, therefore being responsible for seamless experiences for the Internet community.

TCI maintains an automated system of domain name administration and registration in .RU, .SU, .РФ, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR as well as the technical infrastructure required for the DNS system (primary service). The DNS infrastructure for secondary domain zones spreads nationwide as well as has nodes in various countries, its capacity and stability ensured by a regional Internet exchange point (IX) operator, MSK-IX. MSK-IX is also responsible for providing Internet connectivity and external protection for the .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR, .MOSCOW, .МОСКВА registration system.

The TCI strives to ensure stability and resiliency of the critical Internet infrastructure, and, as its counterparts in the other countries, is responsible for an important part of the global network.


The domain name registration system runs in a geographically distributed network. Two technologically equal nodes are located in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Russia.Each TCI node consists of automated domain name registration and maintenance system, primary DNS and application servers. The Moscow node is located in the KIAEHOUSE Datacenter in the "Kurchatov Institute" National Research Centre. The second node is located in the Oktyabrskaya Railway Datacenter in St.-Petersburg.

How it Works

The Technical Center of Internet provides support for the registers of top-level domains in Russia, .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR as well as exchanges information with the registrars that perform second-level domain name registrations by sending queries to the TCI.

The domain name registration system supports two registrar protocols:

  1. CEP (Сurrent Email Рrotocol), using SMTP as a transport protocol;
  2. RIPN-EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), a XML-based message exchange protocol using TCP/IP, with SSL to protect the traffic.

At the moment, the domain name registration system allows supporting 50 million domain names, with possible expansion up to 100 million domain names. On average, query response time is ca. 30 milliseconds. The system supports both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as provides WHOIS interface.

WHOIS is a TCP-based query and response protocol, widely used for querying domain name administrators databases. TCI's WHOIS service is capable of returning 3000 queries per second.